Thursday, April 1, 2021

                                                  APRIL PREK NEWSLETTER

April  has arrived!  Only 2 more months of school! This year has really flown by!

March was a fun month! We talked about planting and farms and we planted beans. We also planted our "plant people". The kids are enjoying taking care of them and watching them grow!

During April, we will learn about endangered animals.  Tigers, mountain gorillas, orangutans and manatees are just a few we will study.  We will also explore the importance of conservation and recycling. Additional topics are listed below:

Letters:  Z,X,Y                                          Addition and Subtraction
Measurement                                             Blending Phonemes, Sight Words
Counting Money                                       Character Education:  Sharing

Important Dates:

4/1 Thursday-Easter Egg Hunt and class party hosted by Emily Byrd!

4/2-4/6-Easter Break.  Classes resume on Wednesday, 4/7! Happy Easter to you and your family!

Have a great month!

Mrs. Brown

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

                                        February PreK Newsletter    

Locksmiths, teachers, and EMT's are just a few of the important community helpers the children will explore during this month's unit Let's Go to Work.  In addition, we will learn what it means to be a good citizen!

We will continue to build upon our knowledge of sight words, letter recognition and beginning sounds.  We will also blend phonemes to create yet another word family - the et family.

For math skills, we will continue to explore telling time to the hour and begin working on counting by fives to 100.

Some of the additional topics that will be covered are listed below:

Letters:  L, E, K, G                                Shape:  Cone

Numbers:  Measuring                            Character Education:  
Time to the Hour                                   

Valentine's Day

2/12- We will exchange valentines and have our class party.  Luke's Mom is providing goodies!

3/1-3/5 - Winter Break.  Classes resume on Monday, March 8.

Thanks for all your support.


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

                                           November PreK Newsletter

Hope all of you had a safe and fun Halloween!  Thanks to Raelyn's family for all the goodies provided for our Halloween party! The kids loved it!

Can you believe November is here?  We have enjoyed some beautiful autumn days!  This month we will be exploring the different types of transportation that move people and materials from place to place.  Buses, airplanes, helicopters and even the space shuttle are just a few to mention.  Other topics to be covered are below:

Letters:  B, O, F                        Character Education:  Taking Turns
Numbers:  Sets 0-10                 Car Safety
Ordinal position                        Thanksgiving and Traditions
Shape:  Sphere                          Maps and Globes

We will continue to build upon our knowledge of letter recognition, beginning sounds, and vowels-both long and short.  Math skills will focus on expanding knowledge of numbers, making sets, number combinations and number sequencing. 

Important Dates:

Lots of birthdays this month!

11/3 - Raelyn and Kennedy
11/16 - Carina
11/21 - Beatrice

11/11 - Veterans Day, Teacher workday - NO SCHOOL!

11/25-11/27 Thanksgiving Break.  Classes resume on Monday 11/30.

Thanks to all of you for your help and support this year!  You make our school a special place!  The kids are great and I feel very fortunate to work at WCDS!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

Mrs. Brown

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Joy Brown: October PreK Newsletter

Joy Brown: October PreK Newsletter:                                                  October PreK Newsletter Autumn has arrived and PreK has lots of fun things planned fo...

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October PreK Newsletter

                                                 October PreK Newsletter

Autumn has arrived and PreK has lots of fun things planned for this month!  We will be discussing the change of seasons and things that make this time of year special.

Our unit this month is "My Home and My Neighbors".  Families, homes, friends, and neighborhoods are the main topics.  This is the perfect opportunity for the children to appreciate how our differences make us unique and special.  Lots of Social Studies!  Also, we will continue to build upon our knowledge of letter recognition and beginning sounds.  Math skills for the unit will focus on expanding our knowledge of numbers, making sets and exploring number combinations.  Other math concepts include an introduction to ordinal position and learning about ovals, pentagons, and octagons.  Other topics and dates to remember are listed below:

Letters:  S,A, N                                         Character Education:  Friendship

Needs vs. Wants                                        Autumn and Halloween

Numbers:  Sets 0-10                                  Ordinal position:  1st-10th

Thursday, 10/1- Sunday, 10/4 Fall Family Weekend! Classes resume on Monday, 10/5.

Saturday, 10/3 - Elijah's birthday!

Monday, 10/12 - Julius's birthday!

Friday, 10/30 - Halloween party hosted by Raelyn's Mom!

Enjoy your Fall Break!

Mrs. Brown